Atreq 3m Overspeed Trainer

Atreq 3m Overspeed Trainer

Provides rapid and sensational improvements in straight line

Speed and agility

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Atreq 3m Overspeed Trainer

  • Helps improve speed, strength, acceleration, leaping, first step quickness, stride
    frequency, and length.
  • Increases sprinting speeds above normal, providing the most effective means of
    getting fast in a short period of time.
  • Overspeed training is a great way to build explosive power in the legs and
    enhance multidirectional quickness and power
  • Resistance tubing covered fully by fabric sheath to provide maximum safety.
  • Can be used for lateral drills when two overspeed trainers are connected to one
    athlete and held in resistance by two other athlete.

Set Includes
Two adjustable padded waist belts.
Flexible, 3m (10ft) long rubber cord with a safety fabric sheath to stop
over extension.

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