5 Things You Need to Know About Battle Ropes

Using a battle rope as part of your fitness workout is a great option if you are keen to burn fat and get fit. The battle ropes exercise method has grown in popularity since its initial invention in 2006 by John Brookfield, a multiple world record holder in strength and endurance activities.

Brookfield believed that the battle rope offered a specific kind of endurance training that no other apparatus could achieve. He tested his theory out on professional athletes and NFL players who struggled to maintain a constant pace after a couple of minutes - using the battle rope improved their endurance.

Below, we try to answer some of the most popular questions surrounding the use of battle ropes. ATREQ recommends that a battle rope is best used as part of an existing programme in order to achieve optimum results.  

How long should a battle rope workout be?

There is no set length for Catalogebattle ropes exercise, but we would recommend you try around 8 different exercises with the battle rope performed at 1 minute intervals. Each exercise should be done for a maximum of 30 seconds with a one minute rest before moving onto the next one. At the end of the 8 exercises, you can repeat the circuit three times. This will provide you with the perfect length of workout - quicker than an hour-long gym session, and with great benefits. 

Can you lose weight with battle ropes?

Yes, battle ropes are a great way to lose weight. Studies have suggested that after just 10 minutes of swinging a battle rope you can burn 112 calories. Working a heavy long battle rope provides a low-impact cardio workout, whereby your shoulder, arms and core will spend a prolonged time under tension. This will also allow you to build up muscle, power and endurance. 

Can I do battle ropes every day?

The advantage of battle ropes exercise is that you can use the ropes every day if you want to. Battle ropes are a great exercise tool to keep lying around the home for when you find a spare half hour for exercise. Battle ropes offer a quick and efficient work out that will work all your muscles and leave you feeling like you have achieved a good body workout. ATREQ recommends working out three times a week to achieve the ultimate body goals. 

Are battle ropes portable?

One of the many advantages of using a battle rope to get fit is that you can utilise it from just about anywhere. Whether you're at home or at the gym, it is a great exercise tool for losing weight, gaining muscle mass and toning existing muscles. Battle ropes will store easily in a small sports bag, and even the larger battle ropes are only around 30lbs heavy. You can even take them abroad with you as they will easily fit in airport luggage. 

Are battle ropes easy to set up?

Battle ropes are one of the easiest exercise tools to set up. All you need is an anchor point such as a telephone poll, a railing or even somebody's foot, and you're good to go. ATREQ recommends battle ropes exercise with a partner for the optimum results. Working with a partner will help you to remain motivated, and prevent you from giving up too easily. One battle rope can easily be used for 4 people to work out on, allowing you to rotate around in a circuit and achieve maximum results. 

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