Suspension trainers enable athletes to perform regular exercises to build up strength, lose weight and tone up. It's suitable for people of all abilities and serves as an excellent work-out for the core body and abdominals.

A suspension trainer is a piece of equipment consisting of a system of ropes and straps that allows you to harness your body weight against gravity and carry out a series of exercises from a suspended state.

Many people who are new to suspension training question the benefits of an exercise dating back to the 1800s, so we've listed below 6 reasons why we think suspension training provides an excellent compliment to your weekly work-out.

  1. Can be achieved at home
    One of the biggest advantages to suspension training is that it can be performed at home. There's no need to visit a gym and pay high membership fees, and you don't have to have a large house either. Suspension training equipment consists of a package that can be fixed to a door without mountings and taken down again in seconds, enabling you to carry out a training routine at any given time of the day with your home surroundings.

  2. Good for core conditioning
    Suspension training offers a huge selection of exercises to choose from meaning you can work-out just about every area of your body. Its particularly good for core conditioning helping to keep your spine well aligned at all times, even during sleep. Proper alignment and good posture contributes toward better circulation and a stronger nervous system. Furthermore, exercise targeting the core area supports strength and athletic development in arms, legs, hips, shoulders, chest and upper back.

  3. Easily portable, so great for travel
    If you're going away, suspension training equipment is easily portable, in fact you can fit the bands into your suitcase. Suspension training has become so popular that workout groups are readily available across the globe, meaning you can walk into any gym whilst on holiday and you'll more than likely spot suspension training equipment hanging from the ceiling that can easily be utilised.

  4. It pushes your levels further
    Take a simple exercise like a push-up, and apply it to suspension training. Immediately the push-up turns into a far more complex work-out when your arms are suspended from straps. Whilst suspended, the body now has the added challenge to stay balanced and controlled whilst completing the push-up. This doesn't necessarily mean the push-up becomes more difficult, but it does mean that by the end of the training, your body has been pushed much further.

  5. Helps burn fat more efficiently
    Suspension training is efficient in fat-burning because it engages several of the core muscle groups at once therefore promoting maximum calorie burn. Whole body movements are guaranteed to increase your heart rate and in turn burn fat as well as improve overall cardiovascular health. It is harder to obtain the same heart rate when performing a split-type workout routine because only one muscle group is worked, so although you are building up your muscles, you may not be achieving your fat burning goals.
  6. Easily adjustable for all fitness levels

    You don't have to be an athlete to achieve successful results - suspension training is easily adjustable to all fitness levels. Furthermore, body weight exercises are adapted to our own individual bodies meaning the results are safer, more effective and can be a lot more fun. Combine suspension training with cardiovascular exercise to create a well-rounded weekly routine. 

Have you had any experience with suspension training? We would like to hear your comments.


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