ATREQ Adjustable Springback Hurdle


ATREQ Adjustable Springback Hurdle


    • Used for plyometric bounding, jumping and hopping
    • Increase your performance with explosive and compound movements
    • Crossbar protected with soft visible sleeve
    • Easy adjustable height selection by snap locking method
    • Automatically springs back into original position

    Introducing the ATREQ Adjustable Springback Hurdle – a must-have accessory for any athlete looking to take their training to the next level. With its innovative construction from 20mm square steel tube powder coated frame with upright from 22mm aluminium tube, this professional-grade hurdle offers superior stability for plyometric bounding, jumping and hopping exercises. The crossbar is protected by a soft visible sleeve and can easily be adjusted to accommodate athletes of different heights through its snap locking method. The built-in springback mechanism also ensures that the hurdle always returns to its original position once it’s been clipped by an athlete. Achieve peak performance with compound and explosive movements when you work out with the ATREQ Adjustable Springback Hurdle!

      Size Settings:

      Senior 0.76m – 1.07m - Adjustable heights at 0.76m, 0.84m, 0.91m, 0.99m & 1.07m




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