ATREQ Agility Marking Spots


ATREQ Agility Marking Spots


    • Brightly coloured non-slip rubber disc
    • Excellent for indoor and outdoor hard surfaces
    • Weight - each spot 133g
    • 25cm in diameter
    • Sold as set of 6 multicoloured

Introducing the ATREQ Agility Marking Spots, the ultimate companion for sport and athletic activities. These brightly coloured non-slip rubber discs are designed to take your training to the next level, both indoors and outdoors on hard surfaces.

Each spot weighs a sturdy 133g, providing stability and durability during intense workouts. With a generous diameter of 25cm, these spots offer ample space for precise positioning and footwork drills. And to make training even more enjoyable, the set includes six vibrant, multicoloured spots to keep you motivated and engaged.

But the benefits of ATREQ Marking Spots go beyond their eye-catching design. The non-slip smooth base, combined with a textured non-slip top, ensures that these markers stay in place, no matter how intense your training session gets. This means you can confidently step on the spot without worrying about tripping or slipping, making them a safer alternative to traditional cone markers.

Not only are these spots perfect for agility training, but they also excel in positional training, plyometrics training, and footspeed drills. Their versatility makes them a valuable asset for athletes of all sports, offering a reliable target for precision throwing or passing.

Built to withstand the impact of plastic studded football boots, these ATREQ Marking Spots are designed to endure even the most demanding training regimen. Invest in a product that will go the distance with you, without compromising on safety or performance.

So why settle for ordinary training markers when you can elevate your game with the ATREQ Agility Marking Spots? Harness the power of precision, agility, and safety in one innovative product. Take your training to new heights, break boundaries, and achieve your athletic goals with the help of ATREQ. Order your set of ATREQ Agility Marking Spots today and experience the difference for yourself.



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