ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes (set 4)



ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes (set 4)



    • Boxes can be connected together
    • Heavy duty handles for easy moving
    • Anti-slip surface landing area
    • Sold individual or as a set of 4
    • UK Manufactured

Introducing the ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes (set of 4), the ultimate tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to take their workouts to new heights. These innovative plyo boxes are designed with durability, safety, and convenience in mind, making them the perfect addition to any workout routine.

Built to last, these plyo boxes are proudly manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality materials. The robust design offers unparalleled stability, ensuring that users can push themselves to the limit without worrying about their safety. Say goodbye to flimsy, unstable boxes and hello to a new level of confidence and performance.

But durability is just the beginning. The ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes also feature a dual density impact absorbing foam inner, specifically engineered to prevent injuries. With every jump and landing, our advanced foam technology reduces the impact and minimises the risk of strains or sprains, allowing you to focus on your training and not on your next doctor's appointment.

Safety is enhanced even further with the anti-slip surface landing area measuring 600mm x 750mm. This generous space provides increased grip, giving you the confidence to push yourself to new limits. No slipping or sliding here – just a solid foundation for your explosive movements.

Moving these plyo boxes around is a breeze, thanks to the heavy-duty handles. Whether you need to rearrange your workout space or take your training to a different location, simply grab the handles and go. Convenience has never been so stylish.

What sets the ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes apart from the rest is their unique ability to connect together. With hook and loop flaps, you can easily stack multiple boxes to create various height combinations, customising your workout to fit your specific needs. From beginners to seasoned athletes, everyone can benefit from the versatility and adaptability of these connectable plyo boxes.

Whether you're a personal trainer, a professional athlete, or someone seeking to elevate their fitness journey, the ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes are a game-changer. Choose between purchasing them individually or as a set of 4, allowing you to customise your training space to its fullest potential.

Invest in your fitness. Invest in your safety. Invest in the ATREQ Elite Soft Plyo Boxes. Your workouts will never be the same.

Sold individual or as a set of 4. 

    Size & Weights:

    Purple - Size 600 x 750 x 150, weight 10kg. 
    Green - Size 600 x 750 x 300, weight 18kg.
    Red - Size 600 x 750 x 450, weight 27kg.
    Blue - Size 600 x 750 x 600, weight 38kg.




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