ATREQ Massage Foam Roller 33cm


ATREQ Massage Foam Roller 33cm


    • Assists with stretches and deep tissue massage
    • Lightweight and compact to easily store and carry
    • Ideal for dense tissue or deeper muscle compression
    • Improves blood circulation and mobility
    • 33cm long x 14cm diameter
    • Weight: 0.79kg

This high density, Multi-Point Foam Roller is perfect for massaging and relaxing your muscles and deep tissue. Can be used pre-workout to release toxins in your muscles to help prevent injuries or post-workout to accelerate recovery soothe aching muscles help with sports injury rehabilitation. Manufactured from The high density durable PVC tube prevents deformation when rolling making this an exceptionally robust roller.

Massage your hamstrings, glutes, quads, back, iliotibial band and calves muscles by simply sitting on the foam roller and rolling back and forth over the muscle, crossing one leg over the other.

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