ATREQ Pro Power Sled


ATREQ Pro Power Sled


    • Premier field based power training tool
    • Ideal for upper and lower body strength gains
    • Push using the upright poles
    • Drag using the front drag bar
    • Can be towed by a rope (not included)
    • Takes 50mm (2") Olympic weights (to be ordered separately)

Looking for a premier field-based power training tool? The ATREQ Pro Power Sled is the ultimate choice to enhance athletic performance. Its multiple functions cater to both upper and lower body strength gains, offering versatility for a full-body workout. By adding 50mm Olympic weights, you can customize resistance levels and push your limits further.

The Pro Power Sled stands out for its ability to elevate workouts, aiding in explosive power development and core stability enhancement. Whether you're a competitive athlete or aiming to boost general conditioning, this durable sled is designed to withstand intense sessions. Elevate your fitness routine with the ATREQ Pro Power Sled and experience the ultimate training journey.

Bars can be removed for ease of storage and transport and it's simple to set up.



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