ATREQ Reaction Hoop


ATREQ Reaction Hoop


    • Designed to improve speed, footwork and co-ordination
    • 60cm diameter orange hoops
    • Fitted with three coloured balls colour may vary
    • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
    • Sold individually

Are you ready to take your speed, footwork, and coordination to the next level? Look no further than the ATREQ Reaction Hoop! This innovative training device is specifically designed to help you improve your agility and quickness both indoors and outdoors.

With a 60cm diameter and vibrant orange colour, the Reaction Hoop is not only eye-catching but also highly effective. Each hoop comes fitted with three coloured balls (colours may vary), which elevate them off the ground and prevent them from sliding on indoor surfaces.

The beauty of the Reaction Hoop lies in its versatility. You can easily vary the position of the hoops to challenge yourself and improve your foot speed and directional changes. Whether you're a professional athlete looking to enhance your performance or a fitness enthusiast wanting to step up your training game, this product is perfect for you.

Get yours today and start redefining what you thought was possible for your speed and coordination.



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