ATREQ Speed Sack


ATREQ Speed Sack


    • Develop explosive power
    • Resists your sprinting by forcing you to tow a weight in the Sled
    • Perform short distance sprints to boost leg power and stride length
    • Create drag for lower body muscle training
    • Increase resistance by adding more weight
    • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use

The Atreq Speed Training Sack is designed to improve your explosive acceleration, boost leg power and stride length. Manufactured from heavy duty bonded PVC and rubber it is suitable for use on artificial turf, wooden gym floors, grass and sand. 

Supplied with three durable inner weight bags that can be filled with sand or gravel up to a weight of 4.5kg (10lbs) each and comes complete with two belt options, one padded shoulder harness, one waist belt and a connecting lead. The 360-degree belt ring allows for multi-directional training to help increase mobility, lateral and agility movement.

Please note this product comes unfilled and without any weights. These are available separately.



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