ATREQ Speed Sled


ATREQ Speed Sled


    • Used to increase athletic speed and power.
    • Increases resistance when weights used
    • Can be used on a variety of ground surfaces
    • Takes 25mm (1”) standard weights to be ordered separately
    • Includes - Sled, resistor harness & connecting leads
    • UK Manufactured
    • Size: 66cm x 43cm x 18cm.

Looking to boost your athletic speed and power? Meet the ATREQ Speed Sled – a top-notch training tool to ramp up your workouts. It amps up resistance, aiding in accelerating, building stamina, and strengthening your legs. Perfect for enhancing sprinting ability by optimising stride efficiency and boosting lower-body strength explosively. Customise resistance with 1” standard weights (available separately) to match your needs and goals.

This versatile sled works on various surfaces like grass, astro turf, and indoor floors (use a towel underneath). Proudly made in the UK, it includes the sled, resistor harness, and leads in a compact size for easy storage and transport.

Unlock your athletic prowess with the ATREQ Speed Sled for tangible improvements in speed, power, and performance. Sky's the limit with this game-changing training gear.



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