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Great quality

Good quality and looks great, as described on the website

ATREQ Wooden Non Slip Balance Board

ATREQ Power Bands
Jugjit Kairo

The power bands great with elasticity and for resistance training.

ATREQ Reaction Ball
Jugjit Kairo
Great tool to have fun and react faster

Delivered on time and the reaction balls are great to use for better hand and eye co-ordination.

ATREQ Weighted Wave Hoop
Julie Summer-Morrell

ATREQ Weighted Wave Hoop

ATREQ Speed Ladder
Very satisfied

Good quality item. Quick delivery.

Good product delivered in a timely fashion

I run large rugby blitzes for primary schools. I colour code my pitches to make the layout as simple as possible. Buying your pink and purple cones allowed me run ten pitches simultaneously at our last blitz. Thank you Atreq!

A gift for my neice.

I ordered a balance board for my niece’s birthday and it arrived quickly and was very well-received.


Space Marker Cones

Before these cones my sessions would be in disarray as I tried to organise my athletes into spaces. But then I saw the light when I came across some space markers which matched our club colours. They have been a revelation and ever since our athletes have been able to see where they needed to go and have improved their spatial awareness by 63%. Would definitely recommend if you find trying to organise your athletes is like herding cats. They also come in handy for playing games with such as dish and domes and capture the cone. These are the space markers for you!

ATREQ Loop Bands
Mrs Sylvia O'Brien
Good purchase

I bought 3 different resistances for pilates. The bands are a good width and look sturdy enough to last a long time. I'm very happy with them.

ATREQ Power Jumper
Charlotte Haigh
What an amazing piece of equipment

We absolutely love the power jumper, our performance netball girls are loving it. If you’d like us to share some pictures with you please let us know.

ATREQ Speed Resistor
Richard Macartney

Very arberage at best and the strap has broken after only 1 pull. Other than that fine

ATREQ Wooden Non Slip Balance Board

Balance pads

Exactly what I wanted


At 63 I’ve decided I need to get rid of my wine belly. My balance is not that great, but each day I get on the board and wobble around my balance is slowly improving. I would recommend anyone to try this, but make sure you have something to grab onto ie a chair in front of you.

ATREQ Ankle Resistance Cuffs


Excellent service order arrived 2 days after I placed the order! Excellent quality board. Would recommend. 👍🏻

Great product

Great product, great price, rapid delivery


Good for body balance

ATREQ Evasion Belt
Mark Jarvis

Ideal equipment for closing down opposition 👍

Over and above Customer Service

I have to say a massive THANK YOU to Joanne at ATREQ. She kept me, a private individual who was enquiring after just a single kettlebell, appraised of when the restock would be coming. This was three emails across the course of 4 months. I’m really touched that an organisation - rather, an individual - would prioritise time in their schedule to do that.

….I bought two kettlebells :)

Thank you, Joanne!

Jill Hamilton

Great product.

Great product and great colour options, cones are robust and heavy enough to stand up to constant usage both on grass and artificial surfaces.

Good buy!

Exactly what I need.