ATREQ 8m Multi Coloured Speed Ladder


ATREQ 8m Multi Coloured Speed Ladder


    • Helps improve agility, balance and conditioning.
    • Heavy duty, durable and portable.
    • UV, heat and extreme cold resistant.
    • Includes drawstring carry bag.
    • Consists of 4 x 2m coloured sections (red, blue, green and yellow).
    • Each section can be used individually or joined together by hook and loop fasteners to create lengths of 4, 6 or 8 metres.
    • The colours allow easy identification of when to change foot drills.

The ATREQ 8m Multi Coloured Speed Ladder is an excellent piece of training equipment for any athlete or fitness enthusiast. This heavy duty, durable and portable ladder consists of 4 x 2m coloured sections, comprising of red, blue, green and yellow which each measure 45cm x37cm. Its UV, heat and extreme cold resistant properties make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This speed ladder is designed to improve your agility, balance and conditioning as well as acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction. It is great for developing balance, rhythm and body control, and its wide variety of drills mean each workout can be made different and tailored to focus on speed or aerobic conditioning. This ladder also comes with a drawstring carry bag for easy storage and transport.

For any athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for an effective piece of equipment to boost their performance, the ATREQ 8m Multi Coloured Speed Ladder is worth considering.



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