ATREQ Vigor Strength Sandbag


ATREQ Vigor Strength Sandbag


    • Versatile and perfect for building strength
    • Offers an unstable load when training
    • Great for your Crossfit workouts
    • Designed with no handles for maximum grip training
    • Fill up to 75-125lb (35-57kg)
    • Manufactured from 1600D Military spec Codura

The Atreq Vigor Strength Sandbag is a unique piece of training equoipment because it is an unstable load. This means that the weight you are lifting is constantly shifting as you lift it. Training with an unstable load can make your body stronger in a functional way. This versatile go-anywhere weight bag, it is supplied with 3 interior filler bags which can be filled up with sand to a combined weight of 75-125lb (35-57kg)) at location making it very portable.

Why No Handles - Sandbag training is designed to improve your grip. You need to stress your hands to grab the sandbag with its shifting fillers. Whether you twist, rotate, or simply carry the sandbag, you toughen up your grip in the process as your body never knows what’s coming next. You don’t need handles to do that – just a quality sandbag with strong materials to keep up with your training. 

With three interior bags, you can adjust the weight as you go along your routine. Because it’s made with quality materials, you can grab the loose fabric and grip it with a powerful fist to lift or row the bag. This move prevents wasted energy and bag rips often seen in sandbags with handles. More importantly, it’s the way sandbag training should be done! 



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