ATREQ Foam Barbell Pad


ATREQ Foam Barbell Pad


    • Helps support and cushion neck whilst performing squat or lunge exercises
    • Middle groove design offering the neck more comfort
    • Made from high-density foam rubber
    • Suitable for use with Olympic Bars
    • Dimensions 49cm long x 10cm diameter
    • Weight: 0.27kg

Meet the ATREQ Foam Barbell Pad – your key to a comfortable and supportive workout. Crafted from durable high-density foam rubber, this pad cushions your shoulders and neck during squats and lunges, ensuring a pain-free lifting experience.

With a unique middle groove design for enhanced neck comfort, push yourself to new limits without unnecessary strain. Compatible with Olympic bars, this pad is perfect for serious weightlifters, featuring dimensions of 49cm long and 10cm in diameter.

Slide it on and off with ease – no complicated straps. Maintain proper form and technique for effective exercises. Elevate your workout with the ATREQ Foam Barbell Pad. Invest in your fitness journey today – order now and feel the difference!



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