ATREQ Evasion Belt


ATREQ Evasion Belt


    • Ideal for one on one drills
    • Improve agility, lateral movement and foot speed
    • perform shadow drills attempting to break away from each other
    • Adjustable waist belts

Evasion Belts are a fun and cost effective way to improve agility, lateral movement and foot speed. They aids distance training, mirroring and marking as well as multi-directional quickness drills.

Each athlete secures the belt round their waist before connecting the two belts using the quick release attachment cord. One person (attacker) must then aim to get as far away as possible from the other using various methods of movement and cause the connection to break apart. In order for the second person (defender) to prevent this happening they must shadow the movements of the attacking player.

Set includes two adjustable belts and attachment hook and fluff cord.



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